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Philip Kaveny, Hugo Award Nominee, Scholar, and Author





                                                       Philip E. Kaveny





In Progress:  Second B.A., Philosophy and Religious Studies, U of Wisconsin-Eau Claire, spring 2005-present (24 credits completed).


Certificate of Advanced Graduate Studies (Specialist-CAGS). LIBRARY AND INFORMATION STUDIES, U of Wisconsin-Madison, May, 1998. Dissertation Title: “Embodied Debates/Library Education, Distance Education and the Internet, “with a course-concentration on Children’s Literature (Collection Development and Story-telling), and on conceptual models for indexing and evaluating internet resources.


M.A. LIBRARY AND INFORMATION STUDIES, U of Wisconsin-Madison, August, 1993. Credentials available on request.


Special Student, SCHOOL OF EDUCATION, U of Wisconsin-Madison, 1974‑75.


B.S. HISTORY AND POLITICAL SCIENCE (double major), U of Wisconsin-Madison, Sept., 1967.




1990‑Present, Owner‑operator, HedgeHog&Otter:  Internet Book & Information Services, specializing in (but not limited to) locating and supplying materials for research purposes, through academic conferences and, nationally and internationally, via Internet outlets.  HedgeHog & Otter also does collection appraisals for tax purposes.


1970‑2000. (Retired). DEPARTMENT OF SOCIAL EDUCATION, UW-Madison. (Returned to graduate school in 1990 while maintaining full-time employment.)


Sept‑October, 1992. Reference Assistant, Volunteer (managed information desk in absence of librarian), Journalism Library, UW‑Madison, Madison, WI. 12‑15 hours per week.




                         PROFESSIONAL ACTIVITY (selected list)




All published the in the regional magazine, Etchings and Odysseys, 5‑ 10, includes:

“Confrontation,” Etchings and Odysseys, 5. 1985;

“Landscapes of Intertextuality,” (critical article),  Etchings and Odysseys, 6. 1985;

“Thar Guth Eigi Gengr,” Etchings and Odysseys, 7. 1985;

“One Hundred‑Seventy‑Seven Kilograms,”  Etchings and Odysseys, 8. 1986;

“Salamander,”  Etchings and Odysseys, 9.  1986;

“Tavern of Lost Souls,”  Etchings and Odysseys, 10.  1987.



                                    Other Writing


Late: 1960s University of Wisconsin-Madison: I Was There.” Series of four articles published in The Flip Side, (48) November 1, (49) November 15,  (50) December 1,  (51)December 15, 2006.


“One-Hundred-Seventy-Seven Kilograms.” The Flip Side (47) October 15.


“The Munitions Factory”(Play), Produced by Madison Unitarian Play Reading Group, March, 1980 and performed as ‘reader’s  theater ’  for University of Eau Claire  Religion  and literature class  and  members of  UWEC   Philosophy  and English  Faculty   Oct. 2006.


“Phoenix 2478 A.D.,” Janus, 1978 and “The Road Not Taken,”  Janus, 1977.


Reviews of fiction and non‑fiction (critical and historical works) for Science Fiction and Fantasy Book Review Annual, SFRA (Science Fiction Research Association) Review, Utopian Studies, FemSpec, Extrapolation, New York Review of Science Fiction, MBR (Midwest Book Review, online), Society for Medieval Military History (Online), 1993-present. (list available on request).


Six short articles on: Jean Piaget (300), Englebert Humperdink (150), Pauline Baynes (150), Vachel Lindsay (200), William Golding (300), Rudolf Steiner (300), for Oxford Encyclopedia of Children’s Literature, ed. Jack Zipes.  OUP, March 2006.


(With J. Bogstad) “GIBSON AND STERLING,  The Difference Engine.”  Magill’s Guide to Science Fiction and Fantasy Literature, Salem Press, ed. Mark Rehn, 1996, 220-221.


Conference Papers and Presentations


Breakfast with a Professor, (With J. Bogstad), UW-Eau Claire ILS program: “Buffy and the Paradox of Mary: Reflections on Media and Religion.”  March, 2006.


Participant:  UW-Eau Claire, Department of English, English Festival. (With J. Bogstad) “Scholarly Approaches to J.R.R. Tolkien in Film and Print,” May 4, 2005.


Breakfast with a Professor, (With J. Bogstad), UW-Eau Claire ILS program:  “J.R.R. Tolkien’s Lord of the Rings: Novels and Films,” March, 2005


Paper: “Feminist Epistemology and Men of Good Will,” U of Wisconsin System Women’s Studies Conference, UW Stout, Fall 2003.


Multi-media presentation/Paper, “The Paradox of Mary:  Religion and Buffy the Vampire Slayer,” Science Fiction Research Association Conference, June, 2005.  Las Vegas, NV.

Travel to the conference supported by a faculty-Student collaboration grant (Prof. Lori Rowlett).


European Medieval and Modern Social History as seen through of the evolution of chess Chaired Session by Same Title at Kalamazoo International Medieval Studies Conference. Member and


Session Chair: “Publishing Medieval Studies for the Non-Specialist Reader.” Leeds International

Medieval Congress, Leeds, England.  July 1998.


Paper, “Christ vs. The Mighty Thor,” Tenth Conference on Medievalism.  Higgins Armory, Wooster, MA. Oct. 1-3, 1996.


Presentation (With Dr. Janice Bogstad), Internet Resources for K-12 education on the Medieval Period.  Leeds International Medieval Congress, Univ. of Leeds, U.K.  July 1996.


Paper, “Comparing The Concept of Evil in Lovecraft and Tolkien,” Mythopoeic Society Conference, UC-Berkeley, August 3-7, 1995.


Panel Participant, “Roots of Creative Imagination in the State of Wisconsin,” Mythopoeic Society Annual Conference, UW‑Minnesota, Minneapolis, MN.  July 30‑August 2, 1993.


Paper, “From Gutenberg to Bacon: Precursors of Indexing.”  Ninth Conference on Medievalism. Bozeman, MT.  Sept 29‑October 1, 1994.


Poster Session Presenter, “The Virtual Library in Science Fiction,” Wisconsin Association of Academic Librarians Conference, Eau Claire, WI. Apr.21‑3, 1993.


Paper, “T.S. Eliot and Science Fiction,” Popular Culture Association Annual Conference, Louisville, KY.  March, 1992.


Paper, “Images of the Great War and Selected Works of Science Fiction and Fantasy,” International Conference for the Fantastic in The Arts, March, 1989.


Panel Participant, “The Works of Philip K. Dick,” Popular Culture Association Conference, New Orleans, LA. March, 1988.


Paper, “The Urban Wolf; Continental Medieval Myth in the Modern Urban Setting,”  with Dr. J. M. Bogstad.  Popular Culture Association Annual Conf., Montreal, Quebec, March 25‑29, 1993. Published in New Moon, (4), May, 1987.


Paper, “Vonnegut and Orwell: Two Views of 1984.”  World Science Fiction Convention, Academic Programming Group, Los Angeles, CA. September, 1984.


Paper, “From Pessimism to Sentimentality:  Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep Becomes Blade Runner,” Science Fiction Research Association Conference, June 1983.  Baltimore, MD.  Published in Patterns in the Fantastic II, Mercer Is., WA: Starmont House. 1985.


Media and Other Accomplishments


Producer, ongoing, regionally distributed video series:  “Foundations of the Fantastic,” for Community Television Eau Claire, 2004-present.  Currently, programs on J.R.R. Tolkien, H.G. Wells, and Jules Verne have been completed.  Programs on H.P. Lovecraft, Mary Shelly, Edgar Rice Burroughs and others are in progress.


Academic Track, Papers and Panels Coordinator, World Science Fiction Convention, Chicago, IL.  Sept. 2-6, 2000.  Generated and coordinated more than 100 presentations, panels and program items for an international convention with an excess of 6000 attendees, including writers, editors, academics, publishers and fans.


Member-at-large, Board of Directors.  Indianhead Federated Library Services (IFLS), January 2001-July 2005.


Conference Facilitator, Science Fiction Research Association Conference, University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire, June 22-26, 1996.


Producer and Reviewer, Public Access Cable Television Book Review Programs, Madison, Wisconsin, 1978‑82.


Mentee‑participant, Wisconsin Association of Academic Librarians, Library Leadership Workshop, June, 1991.




The Virtual Library and Electronic Reference and Information Services (UW‑School of Library and Information Studies, 1992‑94)


The cultural impact of the Internet on the library profession, particularly the significance of dis-intermediation, our unassisted online research.




AAUW (American Association of University Women), IAFA (International Association for the Fantastic in the Arts), MLA (Modern Languages Association), Mythopoeic Society, SFRA (Science Fiction Research Association), USCF (United States Chess Federation).



President: U of Wisconsin-Eau Claire Chess Club, fall 2006-present.


Guest Lecture: “Math and Chess.”  Annual lecture in spring 1972, 1973 and 1974.  U of Wisconsin-Whitewater.  Math Department.


Guest lecture: U of Wisconsin-Eau Claire, “Biblical Battlefield Technology,” Literature and Religion 291. Fall, 2006.


Guest lecture: U of Wisconsin-Eau Claire, “New Perspectives on Sylvia Plath.”  English 290:Images of Women in Fiction, Fall 2005.


Guest Lecture. U of Wisconsin-Eau Claire, “Feminist Theory and Post Modernism,” WS 250, Research Methods, Fall 2006.


Guest Lecture:  U of Wisconsin-Madison, School of Library and Information Studies,”Science Fiction and Young Adult Services,” for SLIS class ‘Young Adult Services.’ Spring, 1996.



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