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Carnival Pilgrims by Philip Kaveny, Read by Brandon C. Hovey

loretta youg 1952



Carnival Pilgrims

Razzo Pilgrimage, Easter 1970 (on our way to the Poynette, Wisconsin Rock Festival with its cast of 40,000 human souls)

Vita: This poem is written by me to celebrate my 30 years of total abstinence and sobriety from alcohol since Feb 2, 1971.

The summer of Love turned to my winter of Discontent, and
April 1970 was truly the cruelest month.
Therefore Steve and I set forth our quest for lady death.
She took the form of an eighteen year old, blond haired blue
eyed cutie dressed in a mini skirt with linen gauze blouse, sandals,
flowers in her long blond hair and wore absolutely no
underwear, of any sort whatsoever.
We were carnival pilgrims with black leather jackets, but
No hair shirts – riding both aback our two-wheeled Norton
750 at 120 mph.
Cold sleet walled in our faces my greatcoat flapping like a
Land locked sea bird. My arms wrapped tightly around
Steve’s waist and a case of beer tucked under each armpit.
Faster ever faster the engine roared after her receding form.
We sought to swap our lives for a dance with lady death.
Road, ice, and sleet became a solid silent wall. Time past
Time present all time hung forever as we froze.
Then I felt her icy breath and lips against my cheek as
she laughed, and laughed, laughed and said:
“Vietnam has filled my dance card with fine young men,
much dearer than the likes of you.
Besides, silly boys with me it is always ladies’ choice.
But please; meet my wallflower sister lady grace, your designated driver

2 comments on “Carnival Pilgrims by Philip Kaveny, Read by Brandon C. Hovey

  1. Judy Haight
    January 22, 2017

    I love the poem! It’s a good reading too.


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