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My Words Are A Weapon, I Carry And Conceal




My words are a weapon   I carry and conceal


HWA Oct 26th 2016  Dr Joel Pace  English  440

Henry David Thoreau

Nature as a divine text

For this assignment I chose page 1 paragraph 2 two to focus on from the Henry David Thoreau Essay Walking. I found myself locked and loaded on the single word( sauntering) because  It evoked a literary theory I had heard the from the  eminent critic and literary theorist J. Hillis  Miller which he  presented  in a lecture for  The  UW Madison  Comparative  Literature  Department in a seminar which he taught University   of  Wisconsin Madison  which was  part of  my wife’s doctoral program . At the time they let me sit in, and I was wearing my janitor’s uniform, having worked all night.


Hillis Miller used the metaphor of a single foot the coastline of Maine   embodying and expressing and reflecting topographic features of a hundred mile section of that same coast line in the same way very small unit of text might reflect that texts entire  content and structure.



Perhaps it is my current study of Buddhism which links me to Thoreau’s sense of sauntering meaning  to walk in a kind of holy sense perhaps as a Buddhist monk with his begging bowl Sauntering is really kind of vocation in itself, with  as we first turn to  the OED and then this  source  for sauntering  Medieval  origins ..


I argue that Thoreau is using the word sauntering in a  sense which  it maps  whole rest of the essay seeks not only to repatriate the divine in nature and let it speak through and to us.




My words are a weapon I carry and conceal

Philip Kaveny (2016)

“Seek redemption not from fear of eternal flame, but that my flint chisel finger will chip away the pretense that the world is but a web of word.

I face you moral realist that I am this time we rumble in my hood, as my x-ray visions see through the terror you hide  in your empty soul

My words are a weapon I carry and conceal



A poem is a wild and living thing that reaches beneath and above and beyond the words that contain it it. Nature is like Babe the blue ox. There is now barn of words she cannot kick down. Sparrow feaut English professor’s claims what cannot be put in words does not exist; perhaps they should awake screaming from their fever dream of emptiness, like the philosopher

My words are a weapon I carry and conceal


Vita: I wrote this after binge watching at 3: 33 AM after watching 27 Episodes of suits since my wife left for Beijing seventy two hours Oct 26/2016 (high noon Eau Claire WI:


My words are a weapon I carry and conceal


Razzo: This poem embodies   my existential core

If actions have consequences, then actions can redeem you. I am the act yet I cannot be my own redemption


My words are a weapon I carry and conceal


Philip Kaveny Oct 26th 2016 12:22 PM  Fifty four  years ago the world  nearly died  twice  by    fire and ice , on a  tropical  paradise .  Elect the wrong president and we may succeed on thrice..  Oct 26th 2016 12:32 P.M













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