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The Last Battle Part III by Phil Kaveny

Phil Kaveny

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Ilya stayed also, not out of a real desire or commitment to the expedition.  But rather, it turned out that the Terrans were more interesting than she expected, and in a delightful an unexpected way. She had found a young man named Telos, who treated her as if she was the universe’s gift to him.

Cal did something nobody no even him could explain.   He disobeyed his orders to return to Verna and instead launched the empty Mariah into an orbit which would carry it to the edge of the solar system and back.  The Mariah  contained the only power source for the transmitter, therefore  they would be out of contact until the Mariah completed her three  year orbit program and returned to Terra Cal always behaved with a pilot’s imperative.

When Pele returned to the…

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