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The Fiction of Philip Kaveny

Jack The Robot Sings The Blues by Philip Kaveny

Jack the Robot Sings the Blues by Philip Kaveny Originally published in Janus, Vol. 4, #2-3, Summer/Autumn 1978 The pronoun “per” has been substituted for sex-specific pronouns as an experiment; … Continue reading

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Phoenix 2478 by Philip Kaveny With an Afterword by Dr. Janice Bogstad

Phoenix: 2478 by Philip Kaveny Originally published in Janus 14, Vol. 4, #4, Winter 1978/79 The ship completed its 23rd orbit. They found no attraction, nothing of interest whatsoever to … Continue reading

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Some Selected Works From Philip Kaveny & Dr. Janice Bogstad Part I

A few Essays and Other Works from Janus Magazine thrice nominated by World Science Fiction Convention for the Best Amateur  Science Fiction Magazine in 1978, 1979,1980 by Philip Kaveny and … Continue reading

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Response To Brandon C. Hovey’s The Boy With Powdered Sugar Eyebrows

Kaveny: I found Brandon Hovey’s blog post fascinating from a sociological and historical perspective.  So much in fact that it provoked me into a deep reflection into my own life family … Continue reading

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Ffaldschaddar Book One, Parts One through Five (Revised)

Ffaldschaddar Part I by Phil Kaveny Ffaldschaddar By Philip Kaveny 2016 Ffaldschaddar forged from iron that fell from the sky. Now Ffaldschaddar rested, uneasily and thirstily, in her hand tooled scabbard. … Continue reading

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The game of chess has always been a light in my life and the way I met my wife.

The game of chess has always been a light in my life and the way I met my wife.   The game of chess has always been a light in … Continue reading

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Emergent Feminist Meta Ethics Abstract     Emergent Feminist Meta Ethics in though Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein: a Modern-Day Prometheus              In this presentation the presenter contends that, though Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein: a Modern-Day Prometheus is often … Continue reading

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