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Formal Analysis: President Barack Obama Portrait, National Art Gallery March 1, 2019

      Philip Kaveny Contemporary Art Formal Analysis: President Barack Obama Portrait, National Art Gallery March 1, 2019 Mood Indigoi The subject of my formal analysis is the 2018 … Continue reading

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Psychology 100 Paper

Philip Kaveny: Psychology 100 Dr. Matthews extra credit. A tale retold with a bit of hyperbole. I was reflecting upon the Tuesday, December 11, 2018 lecture and the story that … Continue reading

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A Thought Experiment For Psych 491

Philip Kaveny Psychology 491 Dr. Matthews Specific topics Addiction A Thought Experiment This paper is a thought experiment as an attempt to resolve the paradox of powerlessness with willpower and … Continue reading

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A Thought Experiment 

Philip Kaveny  Psychology 491  Dr. Matthews  Specific topics Addiction  A Thought Experiment  This paper is a thought experiment as an attempt to resolve the paradox of powerlessness with willpower and the acceptance of a higher power as a means of recovery … Continue reading

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Alcohol, Nicotine and Stimulants

Alcohol, Nicotine and Stimulants Philip Kaveny July 29. 2018 Realizing that this assignment on alcohol, nicotine, and stimulants is out of order, nevertheless I hope I can demonstrate some positive … Continue reading

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Risk Factor Analysis of A New Reality

Philip Kaveny Psychology 100 Dr. Matthews Response Paper Three:       This response paper is a rough and ready risk factor analysis of why I chose to be absent from … Continue reading

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Metatext, Introduction: A Buddhist Emptiness Inside of John Keats’ Ode on a Grecian Urn: Version 2.0

  Philip Kaveny English 276 Pace Short Paper II Revised May 5th, 2018. I expended significant amounts of time and energy, in earlier iterations of this paper, on the mechanisms … Continue reading

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